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I am a versatile professional residing in Frisco, TX, with expertise in DJing, Network Engineering, Website Building, and more. My passion lies in connecting with individuals, sharing knowledge, and gaining insights through meaningful interactions.

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Since 2009-2010, my fascination with computers ignited a curiosity about their construction and the intricate workings of the internet. In 2015, I ventured into the world of DJing, initially trying my skills at a gig in 2016. Subsequently, I delved into live streaming mixes from the comfort of my home. Fast forward to 2022, I decided to take my passion seriously, investing in professional equipment to elevate my in-person events. Today, I continue to blend my technical expertise with the vibrant beats of DJing, creating a unique and dynamic blend of interests that define my journey.

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From ambitious ventures to intimate projects, size doesn’t matter in the IT and DJ realm. Shoot me a message for a swift quote on your upcoming endeavors. Expect a response within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)

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